Saturday, 5 September 2015

"Healing After a Loss Begins Beforehand"

This is my newest article in Cat World Magazine (September 2015 issue)  where I try to offer some advice to help pet owners prepare to get through the most difficult and challenging time of being a pet parent. After thousands of consultations at the end of life, it is now very clear to me what may be helpful to do beforehand to ease the pain - just a little - of having to say goodbye to a beloved companion.
It will however always be the hardest, most heartbreaking part of loving a pet though... If you have loved an animal, sadly you will have had to go through this too (but it is ALWAYS worth it I believe...)
Read the full digital article by clicking the link below:

Also keep an eye out for my story of the most amazing cat love story, Alfie's story, coming in the November 2015 issue of Cat World Magazine...

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