Friday, 31 October 2014


Meeeeeeeeeeooooouw........HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all the cuddly, furry souls, enriching our lives every day. Look after them all tonight...and especially all the black kitties!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A touching story about saying goodbye to a furry soulmate...double spread in Cat World Nov Issue 2014

We are proud to this month have a double page spread in the lovely and elegant Cat World Magazine where Tinker's owner, Tara Harley, is sharing her experience of parting with her soul mate for 18 years - Tinker the Tortie.

Mine's a pint - Tinker Harley - the lovely Tortie
Please read the full feature as it appears this month in the magazine by clicking this link:

We are grateful that Tara, who is now an animal healer herself, was being so open and kind to let us share her tough journey. 
It is in the hope this will help other pet parents to know that animal home hospice care is a real and gentle alternative that has now arrived in the UK through Vets2Home, in order to offer support and a peaceful goodbye to pets and their families/owners at the most difficult time when the end is approaching...

Or try this link:

Cat World Magazine November 2014

Friday, 3 October 2014

A London call out at 2am - a BUSy night...

Thursday night 2 am: 

Driving around London last night as also covering as an emergency mobile vet, helping out the busy, central emergency and out-of-hours providers in the area when they cannot attend away from their clinic to an urgently unwell patient that can be best helped at home: 
Well in this case I was helping a very sad, poorly but really lovely 10 year old Black Labrador called "Fella" (very sadly diagnosed with a heart tumour only 4 weeks ago) so he would not suffer unnecessarily as he had a bad sudden turn in the evening. Luckily his whole family was there with him and they were obviously extremely upset as this was still somewhat unexpected and as he still in many ways up till very recently had seemed a young lively dog with a shiny black coat. 

Although Fella still mustered a sad, little wagging tail when he politely but slowly came up to me and greeted me, he instantly rested his big square, heavy head looking up at me with those big brown sad eyes on my knee as to say: pleeease help me heartbreaking that even this hardened (not really) emergency and end-of-life vet was struggling to hold back a tear. 

So I did help him - the poor fella - ever so peacefully... and it was really truly the only way we could help him, knowing only too well what was just about to happen to him had the family waited much longer to make a decision! 

Well as if that was not rewarding enough to be able to help Fella not suffer - in peace at home - then as an added bonus for this Danish "tourist" vet, on the way back from my relatively long travels, I got to see an unexpected "attraction": A packed, almost blocked road (and garage) with London Busses all over the place - queuing up at the Drive Thru BUS WASH.... Quite a spectacle! 

For some unknown reason it just lifted my travelling spirits up after leaving this very sad family... And together it just served as a reminder why 
I so do love what I do - for so many, many reasons!