Tuesday, 30 December 2014

BEST of 2014: Instruction note for dog-sitter: DON'T take Rolo to the vet!!

Got to be the FUNNIEST dog-sitter instructions we have ever seen in 10 years of being mobile, home visiting vets:

Note pinned on wall in the kitchen for Rolo's (a very large 48kg chocolate labrador) dog-sitter - taped on wall next to dog food... 
Ever since being neutered, Rolo did NOT like vets and was apparently one of the very few dogs that the Principal Vet at his normal vet practice (in Peacehaven) was really scared of. 

Luckily we know he is a real labrador and like his treats very much...

#GrumpyDogs, #AtHomeVets, #GeriatricPets, #MobileVets


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